You Were Married When I Met You


Contrary to popular belief ‘the other woman’ isn’t some mythical she-monster with snakes for hair. Neither is she a ‘slut’ or a ‘homewrecker.’ Sometimes she’s just a nursing assistant working 12,5-hour shifts picking up other people’s poop. This is a little book of poetry written by an ‘other woman.’

Praise for ‘You Were Married When I Met You’

Rebecca Rijsdijk’s ‘You Were Married When I Met You’ is not the story of a self-pitying victim or vindictive revenge, but one of evolution and resilience. Her clipped journalistic style reveals the ‘other woman’ as intelligent, empathic, one of us. She is also empowered, unapologetic, visceral. Her words are those of a woman who has given all she can, endured endless pain, to the edge of self-destruction, and knows now that it is finally time to let go. If you have ever experienced the harsh heart-wrenching reality of unrequited love or have been ‘the other woman’ yourself, you will find this experience both relatable and cathartic – the way a hot blade will cauterize a wound.  – Sarah Herrin, author of One Thousand Questions and No Good Answers and The Oceanography of Her