Poetry collection: The Care Home

When people say “not all heroes wear capes”, we sinfully imagine no cape at all. But here, Rebecca shows us that the forgotten heroes do wear capes; they just wear them back to front and call themselves nurses as they wipe away a variety of bodily fluids. Their job is not saving the world or anything near as glamorous or self-indulgent; it is bloody and it is gruesome. It is work we have trouble stomaching; saving dying people from the fear of their own demise.

The Care Home is as honest a portrayal of life as you will ever get. There is no glory or fame, just the stark realization that you are dying and you are lucky enough to do so not watching death tick another life away, day in and day out. – Mickey Finn, Author of ‘Golden.’

‘The Care Home’ is the fourth collection of poetry by Certified Carer and poet Rebecca Rijsdijk.

Poetry Collection: The Lady from Across the Sea

The Lady from across the Sea is in love with a world broken into a glorious prism of humanity. Rijsdijk renders the power of the mothers, the tragedy of the lovers, and the struggle of the forgotten in such clear tones and immersive scenes that she gives her readers permission to surrender to the waves. – Sean Felix

The Lady from across the Sea is the author’s second poetry collection. It is available in my shop.