Science doesn’t need you to believe in it.

a mouth mask
doesn’t hide the sound
of a voice breaking
when a heart stops beating

a pair of goggles doesn’t
mask the tears
that fall
in between
the breath
that stains
our view

i watch a man
to nothingness
within a matter
of days
bones sticking out
his face
like a skeleton
dressed in paper
breath ragged
like the sound
of an exhaust pipe
running on fumes

the tv runs silently
in the background
showing images
of covid test streets
being attacked
by people
who don’t believe
in science
as i hold the gloved hand
of the relative
that is going
to stay behind
because touch
is still touch
and the thin layer
of plastic
that separates
is still able
to pass
on warmth
and science
doesn’t need you
to believe in it

but a man still dies
an invisible